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hellyeahcasselliot:Cass Elliot – Didn’t Want to Have to Do It …


Cass Elliot – Didn’t Want to Have to Do It  (Version 1, 1964/65)

“…[The] two versions of Cass Elliot singing “Didn’t Want to Have to Do It” is an important historical story itself. In 1964 Alan Lorber developed a group called the Mugwumps, which consisted of Cass, Denny Doherty, Cass’s first husband Jim Hendricks and Zal Yanovsky, and recorded them for Warner Bros Records. The recording is historical because before they became Mamas & Papas and The Lovin’ Spoonful, they were the Mugwumps. The album was not released until 1967 after both successive groups hit. After cutting the album the Mugwumps broke up (it’s all told in “Creeque Alley”). Lorber then developed the Lovin’ Spoonful. During the “Do You Believe in Magic” session, John Sebastian asked if Cass who was leaving for L.A. could cut a recording of a new song he had written. The result is here in two versions, one with harmony, and the other without, both with Sebastian on guitar with guitar solos by him and Zal Yanovsky…”

hellyeahcasselliot:Cass Elliot – Darling Be Home Soon (1968)


Cass Elliot – Darling Be Home Soon (1968)


hellyeahcasselliot:The Big 3 – Wild Women (1964)


The Big 3 – Wild Women (1964)